Importance Of Emergency Evacuation System

Malaysia is popular and well-known around the world for its stunning and gorgeous high-rise buildings. The high-rise buildings are major tourist attraction in Malaysia and people from all around the world come to see those stunning engineering masterpieces and with that comes the safety aspect of the tourist visiting the high-rise buildings and also people working in them.

Large buildings, industrial complexes and business premises need to mandatorily incorporate emergency evacuation system into their emergency plan to comply with the government rules and regulations. Research studies has shown us that there are some significant problems with emergency evacuation which compelled the government to impose strict safety rules and regulations to ensure the safety of people visiting or working in high-rise buildings. First, let’s take a look at what kind of problem we face when emergency evacuation is required: -

Most building managers are unable to provide real-time data, how many people are trapped or how many of them have been rescued. They themselves start panicking at such emergency situation.

As the building managers are not trained properly and therefore, they think that people will gather at the assembly area where there will be manually counted and accounted.

People associated to a building safety plan especially building managers also are unable to provide an estimation and last check-ins which hampers the rescue process to a large extent.

Emergency evacuation does not only take place for fire accidents but it is also required at time of terrorist attacks, hazardous fumes or communicable diseases.

Lack of fire drills causes another big problem. Companies often ignore drills as they might consume a lot of time and money, but with the help of professionals the drills can be made more efficient with exact real-time information getting the workforce back in to work within few hours.

Now, as we have understood the kind of danger we might face and that’s bring us assign professional who will chalk out the best emergency evacuation system your business premises or building. Let’s take a look at the emergency accessories which can help us during an emergency: -

Provides preliminary and safety gap analysis to the building managers on how to react during safety evacuation.

Helps installing safety hardware, software which are proven laboratory tested and also does the maintenance with a minimal charge.

Provides RFID cards for tracking of individuals during emergency situation.

Provides training on how to conduct emergency evacuation, how the search operation should be carried on and how to communicate with first responders.

Hiring professionals to implement the emergency evacuation system will ensure utmost security and safety to every individual inside the high-rises during an emergency. They are very much accurate in terms of keeping track of every person inside the building, they are autonomous to make every one alert via different medium during an emergency situation and most importantly they are very much scalable; integrate with building manager in installing different safety equipment in the building and easy integration with any other third-party, everything about the safety of the high-rise is professionally taken care.

Afantage provides the best emergency evacuation system in Malaysia which is unique, easy, and suitable for all kinds of quick evacuation situations from high-rise buildings. Their good and efficient emergency evacuation system equipment and hardware are almost 98 - 100% accurate. In addition, the overall ownership cost, maintenance, and licensing of the equipment and hardware are highly economical. Check the official website for more information-