Important Things To Keep In Mind During  Evacuation From A Skyscraper Building

Evacuation from a multi-storied building tends to bring in many challenges, the higher the building, the more complex the problems become

Why do you need to have a crowd management technology in your emergency plan?

Over the past few decades, we have seen numerous people losing their lives in stampedes and other man-made crowd related disasters.

Importance Of Emergency Evacuation System

Malaysia is popular and well-known around the world for its stunning and gorgeous high-rise buildings. The high-rise buildings are major tourist attraction in Malaysia

Various Types of Fire Alarm Detectors In A Fire Monitoring System Malaysia

A Fire alarm system is majorly designed in order to alert people about the fire emergency so that they can take timely actions in order to protect themselves

Latest Types Of RFID Technology For 2021 And Beyond

RFID is the abbreviation for “radio-frequency identification” that refers to a technology whereby digital data is encoded in radio-frequency identification tags or smart labels that are captured by a reader via radio

Essential Fire Safety Measures For  A Skyscraper Building

In today`s time, most people living a life of comfort and convenience in the city almost invariably means living in a high-rise or a skyscraper as stated by Afantage with the best skyscraper evacuation system.