Uses Of RFID In Everyday Life

RFID may sound like a new technology, but you'd actually be surprised how much we use it in our daily lives! Without realizing it, we sometimes use RFID several times a day! Here are some examples where RFID is used in daily life:

  • Apple salary
  • Hotel room access
  • Pet your pet
  • Free-way toll booth

It's strange to see that any of these things take advantage of RFID technology! After reading this list you can consider yourself to be somewhat expert in this subject.

How does RFID work?

Each RFID system consists of three components: a scanning antenna, a transceiver, and a transponder. When the scanning antenna and transceiver are combined, they are known as an RFID reader or interrogator. There are two types of RFID readers - fixed readers and mobile readers. An RFID reader is a networked device that can be portable or permanently attached. It uses radio wave of different frequencies to activate the tag. Once activated, the tag sends a waveform back to the antenna, where it is translated into data. The transponder is within the RFID tag itself. The reading range for an RFID tag varies depending on factors including the type of tag, the type of reader, the RFID frequency, and the surrounding environment or interference from other RFID tags and readers. Tags that have a strong power source also have a longer reading range as stated by the best RFID reader provider, Afantage.

  1. Apple Pay

We've all forgotten our wallets at home, but with RFID, there's nothing to fear! Without realizing it, most of us actually carry a miniature RFID reader in our pocket, which can be used as a digital wallet. Many iOS and Android smartphones have an NFC (Near Field Communication) reader. This means that, if you forget your wallet, you can still use the Wallet app linked to your debit card and be able to use your phone for contactless, secure currency exchange. RFID is a technology that exchanges data, so as you can see, you can use RFID for your transactions by exchanging debit card information to buy a loaf of bread at the grocery store. Huh. Huh. Huh.

  1. Entrance to the hotel room

Have you ever forgotten which hotel room you were staying in and found yourself trying to access your room keys on a bunch of different doors, only to see the red "Access Denied" bar ? Ok, so you are more familiar with RFID technology! Hotel room access cards have tiny RFID chips inside them that, when presented at the right door, correspond to a mechanism that opens the door and gives you access to your room. So the door to your hotel room is actually a tiny RFID reader that communicates only with your specific access card.

  1. Sticking to Your Belly

No one wants to lose their best friend, and with RFID technology you can reduce that risk! What many people don't realize is that when they "chip" their companions, they are actually putting an RFID chip in their cat or dog. These chips are completely safe for your animal friend's health, and they can really come in handy when the unthinkable happens. If you find yourself in a situation where your chipped animal has gone missing, an RFID chip can provide an extra layer of security. You can attach pieces of information about yourself to the chip, such as your contact information. Then, when someone finds your animal and brings it to the vet for a scan, that contact information will be pulled in, and you'll receive the best phone call of your life!

  1. Free-way Toll Booth

Many toll booths on the freeway use RFID technology to allow vehicles to pass through the booth via electronic payment. This can save a lot of time! Instead of stopping and shelling out $5 for a toll-keeper, you can use an RFID-enabled windshield label to cruise through the toll booth and spend your day.

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