Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID is a wireless system which includes only two components- tags and readers. A tag is placed upon an object which is read by the reading device by the help of using electromagnetic fields. Tags are completely different from barcodes, as in the case of barcode the line must fit into the scanner then only it works but in the case of tags, they are embedded in the tracked object so it can be read just by coming in contact with the frequency waves. There are two types of tags, the one which are operated using batteries are active tags and the ones which do not need batteries are passive tags. RFID tags can store enormous amount of data, the best thing about this tag is that it can be used anywhere, it can be placed on any living or non-living objects. These tags can be used to gain information of a particular object; it can be used as a tracking tool for equipments, stock, etc as stated by the best RFID reader provider in Malaysia, Afantage.

RFID tags are used in various industries in different ways; let us look upon some of the ways:

  1. In supply chain management and retailing

RFID tags are used to keep a record of raw materials, assets, and equipments digitally removing the process of manual data entry. These tags help to prevent theft of stock, it can be removed physically as well as digitally once it is paid for. It is used in malls, retail stores, etc.

  1. In transportation industry

RFID tags are used in different modes of transport. It is placed on the vehicles to signify all details about its type, owner, origin, etc. These tags help in retrieving lost and stolen cars by using its unique registration number. Airline industries also use this tag in airports, in their baggage and cargo for keeping a proper record. Some countries use this tag for the payment of transit fares on buses, taxis, highway tolls, etc.

  1. In passports

RFID passports also referred to as E-passports, containing the visual data of the passport. It contains the details and travel history of the bearer, the RFID passport is designed in such a manner that anyone having the reader may get all the details of the bearer from 10 centimeters away. Later the tags were encrypted with pin system so the details may be saved from falling under bad hands.

  1. In libraries

The old system of book keeping is replaced by RFID tags in libraries as well; it has also reduced the need of manpower in libraries. All the books are placed with a tag making the process of borrowing hassle free, the readers can get to know about the availability of a particular book in that library, they can also get to know in which shelf a particular book is kept.

  1. In hospitals and museums

RFID tags have helped hospitals a lot in managing their costs. These tags are worn by the patient so the doctors can get to know all the details about their patients easily; it is also worn by the staff for their identification and maintaining their leave record.Tags are also placed over some medical instruments. Museums are also adopting the RFID tags, they are placed over the items enhancing the details of the object and making it more convenient for the visitors.

  1. Other places

RFID tags are used in schools and universities, students can use this technology in their library, canteen, etc. The authority promotes the use of tags for both the staffs and students. This tag helps in tracking the movement of the students; it also helps to keep the record of the attendance, etc.

RFID tags are also implemented on livestock it helps in detecting diseases in them; it also gives them a unique identification.

RFID tags also contributes in the waste management industry, these tags are installed on the waste collection vehicles to keep a record of waste collected from a particular vehicle. as stated by the best RFID reader provider in Malaysia, Afantage.

RFID tags are currently posing huge benefits to the society. It is also profitable for some organizations as it reduces the operational costs to a greater extent. Lastly, it can be said that RFID tags may bring a revolution in the modern world as it has cracked solutions for innumerable problems.

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