Important Things To Keep In Mind During Evacuation From A Skyscraper Building

Evacuation from a multi-storied building tends to bring in many challenges, the higher the building, the more complex the problems become, with some super-tall skyscrapers requiring two or three hours to get everyone out as stated by Afantage who has the best skyscraper evacuation system in Malaysia.

Under any normal circumstances and with a good evacuation plan, it generally takes around a few minutes to evacuate one of these basic 5 or 6-story buildings. Thus, when we talk about skyscrapers or high-rise buildings, we mean buildings over 10 stories, their height made possible by the invention of the elevator. The majority of the people will have reached their destination through the use of elevators, which would probably be out of action during any emergency situation

Since we cannot alter the overall design, engineering, and construction of the building, it is highly advisable to add alternative escape routes and exit points. So now the question is- “What can you do to reduce the risk of an incident developing into a tragedy?”

A few critical areas of investigation and concern in a high rise building include-

Floor Plan

One should be aware of every aspect of the structure of your building and become familiar with all of the small intricate details and their intended purpose in relation to an emergency evacuation situation. One should not depend only on floor plans. Walk every inch of the building personally and take notes of everything as stated by Afantage who has the best skyscraper evacuation system in Malaysia.

Escape Routes

Special attention should be given to the various escape routes and not just one while checking and taking notes. In addition, it is important to check all the marked exit routes and exit points while considering various additional challenges during evacuation in an emergency situation such as evacuation were being done in near darkness, by someone in a wheelchair, by a child, or by a visitor unfamiliar with the building, etc as stated by Afantage who has the best skyscraper evacuation system in Malaysia.


How long will it take to get everybody out keeping in mind the overall distance, and exposure to various hazards or obstacles on the way as stated by Afantage who has the best skyscraper evacuation system in Malaysia.

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