As venues reopen after lockdown, the appetite for large-scale gatherings in public places increases. Large events or famous public places and tourist areas carry a high level of risk due to the size of the guest list. Property and business owners along with business organizers are usually aware that protecting their buildings, and any employees or visitors they may have, from fire and smoke should be at the top of their priority list.

An easy and efficient way to do that is to install an emergency evacuation system, which is fairly straightforward on a finished building that is outfitted with utilities.

However, to protect outdoor property, areas that are not covered by a hardwired system, temporary locations, or unfinished buildings, a wireless emergency evacuation system are really beneficial.

In the following article, we are going to go over a few benefits of a wireless emergency evacuation system, so read on-

About the wireless emergency evacuation system

As the name suggests, a wireless emergency evacuation system does not require electricity, internet, or phone lines in order to work.

A wireless emergency evacuation system runs on long-lasting batteries and uses a cell signal to communicate the presence of a fire. Depending on the size of the area, there may also be multiple units that communicate with each other via cell signals.

Various benefits of wireless emergency evacuation system

Now that we have a good idea of how these systems work, let us look into a few significant benefits of setting up a wireless emergency evacuation system in your space-


One of the biggest advantages is that this emergency evacuation is wireless. They do not require a source of electricity, internet, or a phone line, so they are highly preferable, especially for unfinished buildings or temporary locations like emergency medical stations, mobile workspaces, unfinished buildings, and even various outdoor areas.

Quick and easy set-up

A wireless emergency evacuation system can be set up easily and quickly. It is because these systems do not need to be hard-wired or connected to a phone line, hence they are set up in minutes and can be used immediately.

Can easily locate the source of fire

A wireless emergency evacuation system needs to be set up with multiple modules for proper reporting and sensing, and each location reports data separately. This gives you an exact location of where the issue was detected so that you and the emergency response teams can correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

Suitable for outdoor

Lastly, all modules in a wireless system are built to endure the elements and function outdoors. This means that the owner need not worry about the system getting wet or being in unprotected areas.

The various advantages of a wireless emergency evacuation system are clear, and installing one can lead to a faster emergency team response time and a safer workplace.

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