About Fire Monitoring System - Working And Maintenance

What is a fire monitoring system?

A fire monitoring system is part of preventive fire protection and is mainly installed in high-rise buildings, hospitals, and other important places. The fire alarm system provides early warning in the advent of danger from smoke, gas, or fire and can be connected to the local fire brigade. The fire alarm system includes several components such as fire detectors, manual push-buttons, signaling devices like flashing lights and sirens, a fire brigade information center as well as a fire brigade key depot. If the connected fire alarm system is triggered, it alerts the local fire brigade, switches on the internal alarm, and can activate further measures such as opening smoke outlets, closing fire closures, or similar fire protection systems. This keeps escape and rescue routes smoke-free for a longer time so that existing people can escape and save themselves. A fire alarm system like this can therefore be a lifesaver.

Purposes of the fire monitoring solution

Every fire protection situation is unique and requires the right solution. Four essential ways the fire alarm system works to protect your property and its occupants from the dangers of fire are by detecting fire, alerting occupants, managing risk, and notifying the fire department.

1. Detect Fire

Our fire alarm system is designed to detect fire in two main ways: smoke and heat. It should also have the facility of manual pull, in case a fire is observed before smoke or heat reaches the sensors of the system, the manual pull can work over. Other systems are triggered when movement in the sprinkler system is detected, indicating that the sprinklers are responding to the fire.

2. Alert Occupants

After the fire alarm system catches a glimpse of smoke, heat, or water movement, it alerts occupants of the building using both audible and visible alarms. These alarms can be bright, loud, obnoxious, and difficult to ignore, which help mobilize individuals to follow the evacuation plan. Using both types of alarms ensures that every individual in the building is alerted.

3. Manage Risks

Your building’s fire alarm system functions in a third way to protect you, by reacting to probable risks using control measures. When the alarm is triggered, some systems perform a set of tasks that help prevent fire and smoke from spreading as well as protect inhabitants, such as: automatically shutting doors in different zones, switching off ventilation and air conditioning, or redirecting elevators to bring cars to an assigned level.

4. Notify Authorities

The fourth purpose of our fire monitoring solution is to notify fire authorities. This ensures the fire department is en route as quickly as possible, so they can respond and extinguish the fire before it becomes an even bigger threat by spreading vastly.

How To Get The Best Out of Your Fire Alarm System

Maintenance of the system

Maintenance of a fire alarm system is compulsory at least once a year. For maintenance, the main detector is switched off for the time being so that no alarm is sent to the local fire brigade. In addition to the visual inspection, it is checked whether the smoke detectors, as well as manual call buttons, are triggered and whether the display on the fire brigade information center with the fire brigade control panel is correct. Also, it is checked whether other alarm and fire protection devices are turned on and triggered. Since a fire alarm system must also function without power, the batteries are checked by measuring the dormancy and load current or voltage.

Train Staff to Respond Appropriately

Make sure all staff members or residents of the building understand how the alarm system works and sounds and that they know how to work out if it is activated. Also, make sure that pull alarms are conveniently fixed throughout the building and that fire extinguishers are up-to-date and accessible to those who know how to handle them.

Upgrade the system

Fire alarm system technology is constantly improving. To guarantee that your system is in optimal condition, it’s essential to proceed to maintain and upgrade it.

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