Essential Fire Safety Measures For A Skyscraper Building

In today`s time, most people living a life of comfort and convenience in the city almost invariably means living in a high-rise or a skyscraper as stated by Afantage with the best skyscraper evacuation system. High-rise and skyscraper buildings are the new norm of residential living in all major cities and also in second-tier cities. In a country where urban space comes at a premium, vertical expansion is the answer. However, fire safety concerns about living in a high-rise are legitimate.

High-rise skyscraper buildings are structurally quite prone to rapid spreading of fires due to the presence of elevator shafts, garbage chutes, stairwells, etc. Consequently, a lot of measures both of engineering and building procedures are now being practiced to minimize the chances of fire and the spreading of it.

As a potential homeowner or tenant, one should make sure of the presence and functioning of the basic fire safety measures that a high-rise building should possess. Here is a list of the necessary fire safety features one should watch out for in a high-rise skyscraper building. So read on-

Fire Safety Measures in a Skyscraper Building

The fire safety measures are best when implemented at the initial stage of designing the building itself. Therefore, throughout the construction and building of the high-rise or skyscraper, planned inclusion of fire safety measures in the form of materials, structural modifications, etc. can provide a good foundation for a building that is safe from fire hazards. These may include:

• Fire-resistant construction materials

• Underground fire refuge areas

• Fire escape chutes

• Heat sensors and smoke detectors

• Overhead water sprinklers and fire hydrants

• Wet riser water tanks

Standard Evacuation System

Every high-rise building should have a standard process of fire hazard management. There should be clearly outlined rules and precautionary measures to be followed during an emergency. Along with trained maintenance people, there should be public address systems to alert inhabitants, every floor should include an outline of the building floor plan with escape routes clearly marked, portable fire extinguishers should be available on every floor, and there should be prompt notice to the fire brigade authorities as well to attend to the crisis at the earliest.

Housing Society Preparedness

The responsibility of the people managing or representing the inhabitants of a high-rise building also plays a great role in preventing and also in averting a hazard like fire. Every high-rise building has housing societies that maintain the overall functioning of a high-rise. These housing societies should be suitably updated on fire preparedness. This includes maintenance of fire-fighting equipment like hydrants, sensors, alarms, detectors, extinguishers, etc. as well as awareness and training of high-rise or skyscraper inhabitants on fire safety drills and skyscraper evacuation process

As one can see, ensuring fire safety in a high-rise building is not just about structural specifications; it is also an ongoing effort. Therefore, it is wise to ask a developer and community management if they follow these protocols to understand whether they are proactive about fire safety as stated by Afantage with the best skyscraper evacuation system Malaysia.

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