Why fire safety is so much important?

A fire evacuation plan is an essential because it ensures the safety of those who are in the workplace. So, just for example ensuring that someone has a car and a simple evaluation plan in place will make all the difference if a fire were to occur, or giving others a grasp of control shall the situation arise.

Fire safety checklists with fire monitoring system are excellent tools used to inspect for the potential risks and fire hazards that can be mitigated to avoid serious injuries, workplace death, and property loss.


Some of the FIRE SAFETY checklist rules:-

1.     Have an escape space or plan from the building or house. No building have is immune to fire: - having an escape space from the building or the house you are living in is a 100% necessity. Buildings are surrounded by many things that catch fire or have the good conducting ability to hype the fire. So keeping things that control the fire inside the building is very important and constructing a free escape space to get safe from the fire is a major thing.

2.     Install smoke alarms in the staying/working place: - smoke alarms are very useful and play an important role in the safety of the fire. Smoke alarms detect the smoke present in the air and its surroundings then start the alarms sound and make the place alert. This makes the people alert and they gets them into a safe zone to be safe from fire.

3.     Keep the heating object safe and under proper maintenance:- heating objects like the main switch of the whole building from where the electricity gets supplied all over the building, the fridge, air-conditioner, heater, and many more that causes fire mostly. So keeping these types of objects in a safe place and under a proper maintenance will decrease the chances of catching the fire and will keep the building and place safe.

4.     Take special fire precautions in the kitchen: - as I said in the above paragraph that most objects which deal with the electricity or which runs through the electricity catches the fire more rapidly than others. These type of machines are commonly present in kitchen and bathrooms, so making a proper precautions for the kitchen and placing them in a safe place will make the chances of catching the fire even less.

5.     Learn to use the fire extinguisher: - fire extinguisher is a type of cylinder that contains a foam and some liquid that are used in cooling down the fire. But there’s a system and a procedure to use the fire extinguisher without learning that, the extinguisher is of no use. We simply cannot open its mouth without learning the procedure.

6.     Have a work place of fire safety checklist: - working in a place where fire cannot catches easily is the main and basic thing that should be kept in mind before getting into some work. Because working in safe place that will not put your life in danger is the first priority of an employee.

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