What is crowd management?

Crowd management technology Malaysia is the act of aiding and controlling the large crowds aboard the ship and keeping the passengers calm during emergencies and chaotic circumstances. It deals with the safety of the persons or passengers, which may be affected in the crowd by the abnormal rush and uncontrolled activities.

Crowd management is a set of essential, but simple tools and concepts to optimize the flow without reconstructing the station or building. It can be used in high expertise to advise on how to implement simple measures to manage the crowd more efficiently without reconstructing the entire facility.


Crowd management at stations and terminals:-

To reduce the problems of interactions at the platforms train interface crowd management measures have been implemented in various cities for the underground purpose. There are various ways to prevent these:

  1. FORM AN ORDERLY QUEUE: - the presence promotes a sense of order. It indicates to travelers exactly where to wait and how to progress toward checkouts, services desks, or other points. As such, barrier systems continue to be popular for queue management and crowd control.
  2. BE READY TO CHANGE THE QUEUE LAYOUTS: - a well-planned route directs passengers to their destinations in the most efficient way. Often that’s the shortest route, but it might be one that actually slows passengers down until they can be accommodated in a different area.
  3. CREATE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT: - although a large number can be a hazard in itself, it’s important to make sure that any spaces they’re passing through with no extra danger. When damage occurs, it’s important to block off the area as soon as possible. Safety barriers or condors are vital, a visual warning such as a sign is important, but a physical condor is even more effective at keeping workers from trips and falls that could cost the money.
  4. MANAGING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS: - whether they’re waiting at a coach station or queuing for their boarding [ass, the customer likely knows they’re going to be standing around for a while. probably won’t be to make them happy about this, but there is a lot to be said for making sure that they are not unhappy. a dissatisfied or impatient crowd will be much more difficult to control. to control positively; 1. keep the passengers informed about everything. 2. Keep them entertained and busy on their work. 3. Show them the right and progressive of the queue.


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